Marks & Spencer gives bigger focus to Instagram in new marketing plan

Marks & Spencer has joined firms that have positioned themselves to benefit from the social blast on Instagram. The firm focuses more on digital channels including Instagram, Google Advertising, and VOD. The new products campaigns for M&S Clothing & Home across in-store, mobile, and online. The team responsible for Clothing & Home Marketing has started a “Digital First” campaign that shares and celebrates with consumers the “Must-Haves” wardrobe essentials for the next season across Beauty, Home, Kidswear, Menswear, and Womenswear.

The “Must-Haves” will start with a high impact campaign across the various channels including digital out of a home and national press. Since the restructuring of the M&S’s marketing function, this is the initial major Clothing & Home campaign and marks the beginning of a new conversation with consumers about the new Clothing & Home products offered by M&S. The new marketing strategy not only employs digital channels to win more customers but it is more agile, inspirational, and relevant for the season. M&S is employing digital channels to assist realise the objectives of the Clothing & Home business of achieving at least 33% of the online sales and growing the customer share for busy fathers and mothers.

The TV promotion segment will exclusively happen through clips on-demand services to help the firm target more customers. The firm has also started to use Google Inventory Advertising to make it easier for customers to perform local searches. M&S is among the first lot of retailers who have successfully used the Shoppable Instagram. The team will also continue to advance the channel through a high impact campaign. The M&S’ social blast will involve utilising the highly popular channel to point out the “Must-Have “products including the checked blazer and the satin blouse.

The marketing campaign will involve using Shoppable Facebook with clear links and inspirational videos for customers to buy. Nathan Ansell, one of the directors at M&S observes that the firm has positioned itself to employ advanced methods of engaging with the customers and the “Must-Haves” is an outcome of customer insights and cooperation across creative thinking and the core business. The marketing campaign targets a variety of high impact digital channels and remains one of the leading digital campaigns as per now. “Must-Haves” focuses on the product and is exceptionally designed to represent M&S as an affordable and stylish option for seasonal and superior wardrobe essentials.

The “Must-Haves” marketing campaigns will focus on all elements related to the M&S Clothing & Home offerings and will be supported by a vast range of reforms during this festive season including enhanced optimisation for mobile digital product pages to make it clearer and simple for the users to navigate the store. The “Must-Haves” social blast will also include Must-Have photograph frame on Facebook and the Instagram TV. M&S has also promised additional campaigns in the coming days.