Web Design

Key Web Design Principles

Good web design can be fairly difficult. This is because good web design involves achieving a web design that is both pleasing and usable. The design should also deliver information and build brands. A good web design is visually coherent and technically sound. There are so many principals that you can follow when you wish to design the best website. Some of the key web design principles for a branding agency are:

The Art of Guiding the Eye:
Good Website designs, even more than any other type of designs, are mostly about how the information on the website is presented. When a user is navigating a good design, he or she should be guided around the screen and around the design by the web designer. This is what I call the art of guiding the eye, it’s about how much visual weight do the different parts of your web design have.

A simple example of an application of this art is in logo placement. In a majority of sites including the likes of CNN, the first thing you see is the website logo. This is because the logo is large and is set at what has been researched and tested to be the first-place people look at when they visit a website (the top left). This is actually a very good thing since you probably want the user to immediately know what website they are viewing.

But this art of guiding the eye should go much further. The user should be directed through a series of steps. To achieve this, seek the advice of a branding agency and make use of the great tools at your disposal:

  • Position – This is where something is on a page and clearly influences in what order the user of the page can see it.
  • The Colour – By using subtle and bold, you easily tell the user where he or she should look at.
  • Contrast – Being unique makes things stand out, while being the same way makes them secondary.
  • The Size – A big icon will attract clicks and views more than a small one.
  • Design Elements – This are both the tiny and major elements of a web design. In case there is an arrow pointing at something such as a call to action, guess where the user will look at?

The most frustrating experiences that you can have on a Web site or a blog is being unable to determine where you are or where to go. For most Web designers, this is a concept that they have mastered but you will still find some pretty bad websites out there.

Where can you go?
While designing a website, there are a few common Key web design principles to remember when it comes to navigation. The buttons used to travel around a website should be easy to find i.e. towards the top of the webpage and very easy to identify. The buttons should also be very well described. If you follow the listed key web design principles you will be design the best site for your company.